A few days

I’m in the last days of «Commuting Time». I only have four shots left, two in Barcelona and two in Santiago. During the month of November, so far, I have travelled some 24,500 kilometres by train (four times the distance between Barcelona and New York, I can read online). I will have spent some 330 hours on the train. In a first impression, the practical result is close to what I expected, the video we are recording, which will be shown in full on 1 December at the opening at the ethall gallery in Barcelona, at 20.00 and at the Trinta gallery in Santiago de Compostela on 7 December. The result of the artistic experience also seems satisfactory, although I still don’t know how it has affected me until I’m more rested and have some distance. It’s strange, of course.
On ethall’s website we posted a few days ago the shot of the 16th with the explanation of the project. It’s also on Trinta’s instagram.
Ethall, 1st December
Trinta, 7 December

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