Call for the Twelve Volumes of the Artistic Year

This is a call for artists and art lovers who want to collaborate on a publishing project for the celebration of art: The Twelve Volumes of the Year of Art.

A few months ago, dismantling what was once the family home, I found a collection of books published in 1882 entitled «The Christian Year». There are twelve carefully edited volumes. Each book corresponds to a month of the year and inside it has pages dedicated to each day of the month. In each daily section there is the saint of the day, the martyrology, the readings appropriate for that particular day and so on. The pious Christian had in them a spiritual reference index that kept him in close contact with his beliefs, which helped him to keep his Christianity in mind throughout his life.

I am interested in exploring the possibilities of putting together such a collection of books, but for the use of those who live the art intensely. It would serve to renew the sense of artistic practice on a daily basis, to offer the reader encouragement and ideas, a companion that is always there, a pious book.

With this call I am looking for anyone who might be willing to help in the collection, selection and editing of the contents of these books. It remains to be decided what the reader will find each day in its pages, but the task of editing the work is likely to be enormous: contributors may propose sections, edit texts, collect data or suggest new ideas and possibilities. If such people exist, they can contact me in private conversation, to see how collaboration can be established.

This project is so ambitious that it has no ambition to begin with. If a few friends sign up for a first collaboration and a pleasant and fruitful exchange is established, a lot will have already been done, and nothing will have been achieved yet.

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